Upton lab

Principal Investigator:

Chris Upton, Ph.D. (home page)
Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology
University of Victoria

Victoria, British Columbia


Phone: 250-721-6507
Email: cupton at uvic.ca


I have a long-standing interest in bioinformatics, especially in the identification/prediction of the function of viral genes by database searching. It is clear that standard search techniques are not always adequate to recognize distantly, but significantly related sequences. Examples include the identification of the myxoma interferon-gamma binding protein and the vaccinia uracil DNA glycosylase. More recently we have focused on trying to predict viral genes by examining pI and amino acid content.

We are also developing databases and software to analyze viruses. These tools are useful for the characterization of viral genes, proteins and genomes; they are especially useful for comparative genomic studies and have user-friendly graphical interfaces. A wide variety of virus families are supported.



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